The weary nurses brigade

Mutual support for nursing professionals and students.

This group is for nurses
seeking support in addressing:


Conflicting demands in healthcare systems are often reconciled by the sacrifice of nurses who bridge the gap between needs and resources. Over time, what is given and taken can leave nurses with deficits in self-care, relationships, health, and more. Carried together, coping with and preventing burnout is a lighter load.


With constant exposure to severe illness and death, usual defenses against grief and trauma can crumble unexpectedly, leaving nurses with complex emotional challenges that, left unattended, will only grow. Exploring the meaning and impact of illness and death with others can offer a healing balm not found elsewhere.

Workplace issues

High-stakes work in a fast-paced environment, with diverse personalities, communication styles, and priorities, with all the economics and politics present in any business, makes strong emotion and conflict inevitable. Mutual support between colleagues eases the burden of navigating workplace issues.


Opportunities to advance in nursing may seem both numerous and distant. Doing the job can leave little fuel to dream of next steps, let alone build skills, knowledge, and qualifications to achieve them. Knowing what one wants is a daunting question all by itself.  Collective wisdom brings clarity to both desire and possibility.


Work takes up a lot of space in life, but not all of it. Personal relationships have the capacity to both enrich and diminish well-being, and for better or worse, can overlap or collide with work life. Examining and healing relationships, in a safe and supportive environment, can enhance every aspect of life.

mental health

Depression, anxiety, ADHD, and similar issues are more common than most realize, partly because they're rarely discussed in professional environments and in many families. Yet, these issues can deeply affect daily experience. Exploring mental health with others can reduce stigma and build new capacity for living well.


the details:


2 meetings/month
2nd & 4th Sundays
(Central Time)


This group meets on the Zoom video conference platform. To protect confidentiality of all participants, group members are expected to attend meetings from a private location.


$60/month for 2 90-minute group sessions. Fees are reduced for months with fewer than 2 sessions to attend.


This group is open-ended and will meet indefinitely as long is it has 3 or more members.

membership requirements

This group is for adults in Texas, Colorado, Florida & South Carolina who are nursing professionals or students seeking support in addressing burnout, secondary trauma, workplace culture and dynamics, grief, career, mental health, and emotional coping.

Getting started

Read more and use the contact form below to set up a required pre-group consultation, at no cost to you.

More Info:

The Weary Nurses Brigade is a reduced-cost group where you can experience mutual support in coping with and thriving in life as a nursing professional while managing challenges in mental health and personal relationships.

If you are interested in joining this group, fill out the form below or text/call 512-806-0137 to schedule a free, 60-minute pre-group consultation. Scheduling a pre-group consultation is not a commitment to join the group.  

The pre-group consultation is a structured, informal, one-on-one meeting where we will discuss:

• Professional challenges
• Difficulties in relationships
• Past & current mental health experiences
• Potential benefits of group participation
• Expectations for group members
• Your questions and concerns about the group
• Other relevant information

After the consultation, if we both feel the group is a good fit for you,  you can attend the next scheduled group meeting or take as long as you need to make a decision about joining.

I look forward to seeing you in group!

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