The alliance for being human

Healing, learning, and growing together.

This group is for adults who want to explore:


Who am I? How do mental health, trauma, and neurodiversity impact my thoughts, feelings, and behaviors? What do I love about myself? How do I want to change? How can I show myself kindness? How do I best cope? How can I find peace and safety?


How does the world work? What does it mean to be human? How do society, culture, and environment affect my experience? What do spirituality, death, and existence mean to me? What is the nature of privilege and oppression?


How do I connect to others? How do I push people away? How do others see me? Why is rejection so scary? How do I give and receive feedback? How can I practice being vulnerable? How can I be a better listener? How can I face and resolve conflict?

This group combines three approaches:


Psychotherapy groups aim to improve each member's coping and insight into personal thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, all while benefitting from observation of and participation in the healing and growth of other group members.


Support groups offer opportunities to reduce social isolation, connect to others with similar struggles, establish a regular routine, discuss problems in an environment of compassion and respect, receive affirmation, and ask for advice.


Process groups focus on interactions between group members in real time, offering opportunities to practice giving feedback, learn from feedback received, and use feedback to experiment with new ways of interacting in relationships.

the details:


4 meetings/month
1st-4th Saturdays
3:30-5pm (Central)


This group meets on the Zoom video conference platform. To protect confidentiality of all participants, group members are expected to attend meetings from a private location.


$220/month for 4-5 90-minute group sessions. Fees are reduced for months with fewer than 4 sessions to attend.


This group is open-ended and will meet indefinitely as long is it has 3 or more members.

membership requirements

This group is for adults in Texas, Colorado, Florida & South Carolina hoping to receive general support and develop insight related to mental health & relationships.

Getting started

Read more and use the contact form below to set up a required pre-group consultation, at no cost to you.

More Info:

The Alliance for Being Human is a group where you can develop insight about life, self, and relationships while you receive support, develop coping strategies, learn from others' experiences, establish routine, decrease isolation, grow self-compassion, support mental health, challenge stigma, practice vulnerability, and experiment with new ways of interacting with others.

The Alliance for Being Human incorporates components of psychotherapy, process, and support groups in an unstructured format.

If you are interested in joining this group, fill out the form below or text/call 512-806-0137 to schedule a free, 60-minute pre-group consultation. Scheduling a pre-group consultation is not a commitment to join the group.  

The pre-group consultation is a structured, informal, one-on-one meeting where we will discuss:

• Your primary concerns about life & relationships
• Past & current mental health experiences
• Potential benefits of group participation
• Expectations for group members
• Your questions and concerns about the group
• Other relevant information

After the consultation, if we both feel the group is a good fit for you,  you can attend the next scheduled group meeting or take as long as you need to make a decision about joining.

I look forward to seeing you in group!

Use the form below to contact me about joining The Alliance for Being Human.

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