The league of grown-up gifted kids

Recovering from the pitfalls of early excellence.

This group is for adults who excelled in academics or arts in childhood, but struggle in adulthood due to:

Lack of Clear structure, expectations & Rewards

School is out. No more syllabi, rubrics, grades, or degree plans. After decades of clearly defined expectations and rewards, we are now responsible for choosing our own paths, and there is no singular or guaranteed destination. Life doesn't seem to work the way it should, the way forward is unclear, and the cacophony of possibilities can sap our motivation or bring on analysis paralysis.

Achievement orientation
& Perfectionism

We could make the A or nail the performance, sometimes with ease. Other times, it required a sacrifice of blood, sweat, and tears. Now, it can be hard to view ourselves outside of a success/failure dichotomy. There are no built-in guardrails protecting us from overexertion. Saving our sanity by redefining success and failure, and choosing to do a "good enough" job, is easier said than done.

& Detail orientation

We can't help it. We notice details. We plan for contingencies. We see the big picture. We have a vision of a better way to do things.  All the while, other folks are taking it easy, improvising, underperforming, and reaping the same or more rewards than we are. Embracing the chaos might feel unimaginable, but what a relief it would be. It's hard to think less when our mind may be our greatest asset.

heightened sense of justice

Some things are unfair, unjust, or simply don't make sense given the information available. Why don't people with power and influence seem to notice or care?! Why did adults insist on children conforming in ways that served no purpose or were downright harmful? How can we know when to stand our ground and when (and how) to let things slide for the sake of our own well-being?

neglected mental health
& Neurodivergence

In childhood, we met or exceeded expectations. Maybe, adults viewed our academic or artistic gifts as global excellence, unaware of our emotional struggles. Maybe, we excelled while compensating for ADHD, autism, anxiety, depression, or trauma. Maybe adults felt compelled to focus on the troublemakers. And, here we are, all grown up, tending to a neglected child who went unacknowledged before.

elusive sense of identity
& Meaning

As children, we're told to dream, some dreams our own, others given to us, all aligned with identified aptitudes. Kids grow up. Values shift. Adjusting course isn't easy when aspirations and identity are enmeshed. Revising goals redefines self. Asking what is desirable, meaningful, and realistic disrupts our best-laid plains. Shedding obsolete beliefs brings us to grief, fear, and uncharted territory.

aversion to INAUTHetnic social maneuvering

We have ambitions. We have the knowledge, skill, and persistence to realize them. But, politicking and schmoozing, a clear waste of time and resources, too often determine who is rewarded, shattering any illusion of meritocracy. We have what it takes to do our boss' job (and likely their boss' job), but the required social maneuvering feels awkward, inauthentic, unfair, or just gross.

the details:


(Central Time)


This group meets on the Zoom video conference platform. To protect confidentiality of all participants, group members are expected to attend meetings from a private location.


$220/month for 4-5 90-minute group sessions. Fees are reduced for months with fewer than 4 sessions to attend.


This group is open-ended and will meet indefinitely as long is it has 3 or more members.

membership requirements

This group is for adults in Texas, Colorado, Florida & South Carolina who were identified as gifted in academics or art during childhood, and who struggle to cope with mainstream adult life.

Getting started

Read more and use the contact form below to set up a required pre-group consultation, at no cost to you.

More Info:

The League of Grown-up Gifted Kids is a group for adults who excelled in academics or arts in childhood, but struggle in adult life due to lack of structure, perfectionism, overthinking, resentment of politicking and schmoozing, neuordivergence or mental health issues that were unaddressed in childhood due to high achievement and/or good behavior, and existential issues that arise in the aftermath of childhood and adjustment to adulthood.

The League of Grown-up Gifted Kids offers opportunity for members to develop insight about the present-day impact of being identified as gifted in childhood on mental health, career, and personal relationships, while developing new, preferred ways of thinking, feeling, believing, and behaving, all with the support of others with similar experiences.

If you are interested in joining this group, fill out the form below or text/call 512-806-0137 to schedule a free, 60-minute pre-group consultation. Scheduling a pre-group consultation is not a commitment to join the group.  

The pre-group consultation is a structured, informal, one-on-one meeting where we will discuss:

• The meaning of "giftedness" and its influence over thoughts, feelings, beliefs, behaviors, and identity
• Challenging experiences in both childhood and adulthood
• Past & current mental health experiences
• Potential benefits of group participation
• Expectations for group members
• Your questions and concerns about the group
• Other relevant information

After the consultation, if we both feel the group is a good fit for you,  you can attend the next scheduled group meeting or take as long as you need to make a decision about joining.

I look forward to seeing you in group!

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