The order of emerging psychotherapists

Helpers helping helpers.

This group is for psychotherapy professionals and students
seeking support to address:

imposter syndrome

Imposter syndrome is not only common at all career stages, it's evidence that we care about our work and our clients. It's easy to compare our internal struggles to others' publicly-presented best selves. We may not cure imposter syndrome (or even want to), but we can feel less alone in our fear of not being enough.


Change is the only sure thing. This is especially true for psychotherapists, as we navigate our own personal and professional transitions while holding space for our clients' turbulent lives. We do magic by offering solid ground to others while standing on shaky ground ourselves. Fortunately, we can also do this magic for each other.


Psychotherapists value acceptance and inclusivity, but finding a place to fit in, or to be appreciated for the ways we don't fit in, is still a daunting task. We value vulnerability, but being authentic with colleagues does not always feel safe. Having a place to be messy and fall apart can make community less intimidating.


Becoming a psychotherapist is a wild adventure. It's also a job. We are helpers. We may also be workers, customer service reps, publicists, supervisors, bookkeepers, janitors, and case managers. We often give ourselves away. We also must value ourselves to meet our own needs. We can start by valuing one another.


Relating is what we do and how we heal. We usher clients through the most perplexing relational problems. Yet, as humans, we're subject to the very same challenges. Sorting out our own relationships, in tandem with our clients, is a unique predicament. We can do both. Working together, this is a lighter load to carry.

mental health

The brain is a living study in diversity. When society fails to respect this truth, the stress can push us to our emotional and functional limits. Once again, our humanity is laid bare, yet stigma is alive and well in the mental health professions. United, we can compassionately bear witness to our collective humanness.

the details:


4 meetings/month
1st-4th Sundays
(Central Time)


This group meets on the Zoom video conference platform. To protect confidentiality of all participants, group members are expected to attend meetings from a private location.


$20 for the first month.  Monthly fee increases by $20/month for each subsequent month of attendance, with a maximum of $160/month. Fees are for 4-5 sessions/per month, regardless of attendance. Fees are reduced for months with fewer than 4 sessions to attend.


This group is open-ended and will meet indefinitely as long is it has 3 or more members.

membership requirements

This group is for adults in Texas, Colorado, Florida & South Carolina who are licensed mental health providers, or enrolled in graduate programs in the fields of clinical social work, professional counseling, marriage and family therapy, psychology, or psychiatry, and are seeking support in the context of becoming and being a psychotherapist.

Getting started

Read more and use the contact form below to set up a required pre-group consultation, at no cost to you.

More Info:

The Order of Emerging Psychotherapists is a reduced-cost support group for psychotherapists, from those seeing their first clients in graduate school, to those experiencing career transition or isolation, to those considering or adjusting to retirement.

Members explore and process personal, interpersonal, and professional challenges (and triumphs!) along the way to becoming a self-loving, self-aware, and self-assured psychotherapist (and person!), in an environment where being messy, flawed, and authentic is allowed (and encouraged!).

The Order of Emerging Psychotherapists is ideal for professionals and students who are dedicated to improving their psychotherapy practice through personal reflection, growth, and insight, as well as those who need more support just to get by.

This is NOT a consultation, supervision, training, or business coaching group.
This group is for embracing imperfection, NOT for measuring up.

If you are interested in joining this group, fill out the form below or text/call 512-806-0137 to schedule a free, 60-minute pre-group consultation. Scheduling a pre-group consultation is not a commitment to join the group.  

The pre-group consultation is a structured, informal, one-on-one meeting where we will discuss:

• Your experiences of and interests in psychotherapy practice
• Challenges in life & relationships
• Past & current mental health experiences
• Potential benefits of group participation
• Expectations for group members
• Your questions and concerns about the group
• Other relevant information

After the consultation, if we both feel the group is a good fit for you,  you can attend the next scheduled group meeting or take as long as you need to make a decision about joining.

I look forward to seeing you in group!

Use the form below to contact me about joining The Order of Emerging Psychotherapists.

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